Everything You Need to Know Miniature Plants For Terrariums

 A terrarium is what completes the aesthetic of a well put together household. In order for them to look good, you have to make sure that you are using the correct terrarium plants. 

A terrarium is what completes the aesthetic of a well put together household. In order for them to look good, you have to make sure that you are using the correct terrarium plants. The main purpose of these plants (of course, other than having an increase of fresh air in the house), is to make your house’s aesthetics look better.

Also to be more thought out than they would be without the presence of the terrariums and the miniature plants inside them.

miniature terrarium plants

Today, we are writing this article to help you find the perfect miniature plants for terrariums. We will guide you about best terrarium plants and their features to help ease your decision making process.

Because you must know, especially if you are a home economist enthusiat, that choosing these little details for any part of your home make a bigger difference than you might think that they do.

Not only that, we have also provided maintenance tips for small terrarium plants and a video regarding how to make a terrarium. Therefore, keep reading till the conclusion to gain complete spectrum of knowledge about miniature ferns for terrariums that we have provided for you throughout this article.

Miniature Plants For Terrariums

1- Tillandsia or Air plant

This miniature terrarium plant does not require any soil for growth so could plant them without having to worry about the base. Even a stone base would do for this one! However, ensure that the terrarium has some opening that would allow smooth air flow.

This is so because the leaves of this miniature terrarium plant absorb water and feed from the air.  You could find an open terrarium to place this plant. Keep in mind to water it twice a week.

Even though it is a guarantee that the lack of need for the soil of this miniature plant is a big bonus when it comes to having to take care of it, the need for air to continuously flow through it kind of makes up for it. So, we have a tip for you regarding this matter! And that is, to place the terarrium that contains this plant near a window, where the fresh air is easily reachable all day round. This way you will not have to constantly worry about it.

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2- Hen and Chicks Succulents

This plant, Hen and Chicks is also known as House Leaks. This plants grow numerous babies and is suitable for cool and hot temperatures.

These are best grown in a nutrient challenged place such as rocks. You can easily find these terrarium plants for sale on Amazon. The factor that makes this miniature plants stand apart from the others is the mere fact that they are not sensitive to their surroundings. Well, at least not as much as the rest of their kind or the rest of the miniature plants for terariums.

This means that even if you do not have a habit for taking extra care of your indoor or outdoor plants, you can still buy this one for yourself. It will increase the beauty of your home and you will not have to worry about treating it unfairly, even if by accident! So don’t you worry, this is the perfect product for you if you feel like the kind of person we have described above is like you.

3- Mother of Pearl

Also known as Ghost plant, is a very beautiful looking pinkish grey tiny plants for terrarium. It grows best in sunlight and gives an illusion of multiple different shades depending on the amount of direct shade or sunlight falling on it.

It adds great value to the aesthetic of a place that is why you could place it inside an open terrarium indoor and outdoor. T

his makes it a good choice for you because you will not have to worry about which kind of terrarium is available to you, because it is compatible with both the basic kinds of terrariums.

Furthermore, if you pay attention to the name of this plant, along with the picture of it that we have provided, you will realise that it is called so because it has a shine to it just like a pearl does. It is also very large in comparison to an actual pearl, which is why it has been given the name of “mother of pearl” to signify its size, along with its appearance, together.

4- Earth Star

This low light terrarium plant is also known as Cryptanthus. It is a very easy and low maintenance plant to have. It easily grows inside a closed terrarium because of the self contained moisture. Once you put this inside the terrarium, there is nothing to worry about.

However, keep a check on the temperature of the terrarium. It might die out if the inside temperature gets too hot. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it indoors. Other than its sensitivity to the heat, this miniature plant for terrariums thrives in any other conditions.

It is good at absorbing water, along with growing at a fast pace. It looks like a pink coral reef, and so it has been given the name of an Earth Star. The reason behind this is that it signifies how it represents more than one attribute of the Earth – land and water both!

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5- Zebra plant

Also known as Haworthia fasciata. This is one of the most low maintenance terrarium plant for sale. This miniature terrarium plant has dark green leaves with white stripes on its thick leaves.

You can say that it is the cactus of the miniature plants for terarrium species. Because not only does it look the same, but as it can be seen in the picutre that we have provided for you, it also behaves pretty much the same way as cacti.

They thrive well even if less water is provided for them because the white striped area of these plants are well-versed in soaking in maximum nutrients from any little water provided to them. They store it to utilise later on when they are in need of water.

It grows really well indoors and outdoors throughout the year. It is a low light terrarium plant because it requires limited sunlight and basic watering. Find this terrarium plant for sale on Amazon. Over there you can also find reviews from satisfied customers that prove that this information that we are providing is true.

6- Psygmorchis Pusilla – Miniature orchid

This is a very self sufficient miniature fern for terrariums. You dont have to do much with it. This can thrive inside a closed jar on its own.

They allow water to recycle on its own, hence can nourish in a closed environment. This also makes it a good idea if you want to promote sustainability for the environment.

You will not have to do anything, this miniature orchid will do it on its own! All you will have to do is take care of this plant and you will automatically be promoting a better environment for yourself and those around you. Isn’t that agreat initiative?

Maintenance Tips for Miniature Terrarium Plants

Even though terrarium plants do not require much, we still need to take care of a few things to help these tiny plants for terrariums flourish.

Here are a few tips and guidelines that would make it easier for you to look after your miniature plants for terrariums:

1- Avoid too much or too little light. Even though terrarium plants require low light, we all know that every plant requires some amount of light. However, make sure that you don’t roast the plant in scorching heat.

2- Do not put your plant near a radiator. The heat generated from radiators can kill a plant quite easily. In fact, any type of heat that is provided instantly in a large quantity is not good for these plants. They need to be exposed to the heat gradually.

3- Make sure you keep the glass terrarium or the container clean. This point does not need much explanation. It is as simple as the fact that in order for any living being to be able to survive and remain healthy, it needs to have a clean and sanitary environment to be able to thrive.

4- Over watering can damage the plant. Water the plant only when it is required with the help of a pray water. However, in case you over water the plant, absorb it with a paper towel and keep the lid open to ensure that the water dries out.

5- You can kill your plant if you over fertilize it. Hence, if you have a small miniature terrarium plant you do not need plant food for it at all. Make sure to do your research before you try out any method to make your plant grow better, Otherwise, you might end up doing the opposite by accident.

6- Do not grow succulent plants in close terrariums. Succulents are a kind of plant that need high light and low moisture. Therefore, a closed terrarium can be humid for them.

7- Do not over fill your terrarium. Leave some space inside the terrarium to allow new growth of the plant. When finding a terrarium for your plant or a plant for your terrarium, make sure to keep the dimensions of the plant only a third of that of the terarrium. This will give it enough space to grow and flourish without taking up more space than it has already.

8- Create a drainage source within the terrarium that would allow excess water to flow smoothly. You could do this by putting soil or stones at the bottom inch of the jar. These will help to absorb any access or dirty water for the most part. Other than that you might have to drain it regularly every month or so.

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We hope this article has made finding the best plants for a terrarium easy for you. The list above has it all! We have mentioned all the good terrarium plants for your miniature gardening.

Make sure to pay attention to the details and specialties regarding each miniature plant that we have stated for you. According to those, you will be able to make the correct decision for yourself for sure!

Our main focus is to provide you with complete knowledge regarding miniature plants for terrariums along with tips on their maintenance. And we truly hope that we have been able to do so for you. Go through all the information in the article and get the best terrarium plant that satisfies your preference the most!

We hope that now you  no longer have to worry about what plants to use in a terrarium. Also in case you are wondering where to buy terrarium plants, please check Amazon or might as well visit a nursery.

Furthermore, be sure to share this article with your friends as well, so that more people can benefit from this knowledge and we can all improve the interiors and exteriors of our homes together.

In case you are wondering how to make a terrarium, watch thie video we have linked down below for you. It is a quick guide on how to make your own terarrium in case you are unable to find a readymade one in the market. Or even one of your choice of size or shape.

You might as well want to check this article to learn more about Small terrarium plants. It will add on to the information that you have learned from this article up until now, providing a complete spectrum and perspective on the topic at hand today.

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