11 Best Walking Shoes for Women with Wide Feet [Buyer’s Guide]

If there is one thing in common between all the athletes is the fact that their shoes are very specifically designed to fit their own feet anatomy because the feet structure of every individual is different.

Such is the case with different types of shoes where every shoe is designed for a unique purpose that they will serve. Just as there are different shoes for running, hiking, etc. similarly walking shoes serve their unique purpose and here you will find the best walking shoes for women specifically designed for wide feet by some of the best shoe brands for women’s feet.

Walking shoes that are wide help the walker’s feet in a lot of ways where it reduces the stress put on the ankles, chin and back for the wearer to have the best shoes for walking all day. To find the best walking shoe for women one has to consider what fits perfectly for each foot and serves the daily purpose. 

To help you we have also provided you with detailed guides called, Conclusion and How to buy your walking shoes

Best Walking Shoes for Women with Wide Feet 2021

Best Walking ShoesRatingPrice
Skechers Performance Go Walking Shoe 9/10
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TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Shoes 10/10 (Editor's Choice)
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STQ Slip On Walking Shoes9/10
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Skechers Performance Slip-On Walking Shoes8.5/10
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Easy Spirit Women Walking Sneakers9.5/10
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Saucony ProGrid Women’s Walking Shoe 8/10
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Skechers Walk Joy Women’s Shoe9/10
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Ryka Women’s Plus Walking Shoe10/10
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Vionic Women’s Walking Shoes7/10
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New Balance Laced Walking Shoe8/10
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Orthofeet Women’s Walking Sneakers8.5/10
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1. Skechers Performance Go Walking Shoe

Amazing Features we loved

  • 100% synthetic
  • All around cushioning
  • Wide widths 
  • Available in many colors

Extremely flexible
No zip or elastic grip
Fabric used for comfort
No shoe adjustment
Very lightweight

The first thing to notice is the wide foot opening which means that these are easy and are the most comfprtable walking shoes for women. They twist like a cloth giving it the flexibility that these walking shoes need. This is 100% synthetic and fabric giving it an airy feel. The sole is synthetic and with a lightweight resalyte cushioning it provides the best position for your feet all day. Its wide toe space makes it the best choice for walking shoes. 

2. TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Shoes

Amazing Features we loved

  • Breathable shoe
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Elastic ankle grip

0.5 size up for wide feet
Shoe height may be a problem for some
Body engineered

Probably one of the best walking shoes for women with wide feet due to the many features it has. It has an elastic grip around the ankles for better support and a fabric iteration upper design for your feet to breathe properly. Completely flexible for every angle and specifically its wide design is best suited for women with wide feet. Very lightweight and the sole’s grip pattern provides the feet a good overall comfort. 

3. STQ Slip On Walking Shoes

Amazing Features we loved

  • PU outsole with air cushion
  • Wide around toe
  • Slip on design
  • Memory foam

Non slip and wear material
May be chunky for flat feet

Another lightweight, breathable, foldable, and extremely comfortable addition to the list. These are one of the best walking sneakers for women because of the high quality cushioning and rubber used with an air cushion below the heel making it also the best walking shoe choice for flat feet. The slip-on design with a synthetic sole makes it reliable and tough. It has a wide width around the toe making it the best walking shoes for wide feet. The fabric used is light and smooth with great resilience for daily usage with great arch support

4. Skechers Performance Slip-On Walking Shoes

Amazing Features we loved

  • Lightweight skech knit
  • Memory foam and traction sole
  • Gogamat technology

Fabric upper
No elastic grip
Sleek design
Excellent cushioning

These have got to be one of the best walking shoes for flat and wide feet. The new Gogamat technology provides cushioning like no other walking shoe. It has a full arch and back foot support making it one of the best walking shoes for women with high arches, accompanied by the multi-directional traction sole. Memory foam to keep your feet exactly where they need to be and the lightweight and highly flexible build quality makes walking effortless.  

5. Easy Spirit Women Walking Sneakers

Amazing Features we loved

  • All around padding
  • Foam sock liner
  • Laced for better grip

Wide width
Is bulky and a bit heavy
Flexible sole
95% leather

This is seriously one of the best walking shoes for women with wide feet because of the few salient features, which set it apart. It has the best wide width and out of the box padding inside the shoe with a cushioned foam sock-liner making it one of the most comfortable walking shoes for women. Its 95% leather design makes it reliable alongside a rubber sole making it ideal for travel. This is no doubt a very good walking shoe for women. 

6. Saucony ProGrid Women’s Walking Shoe

Amazing Features we loved

  • Grid cushioning 
  • Rubber sole
  • Good arch support

Padded tongue and collar
The design may not be attractive to many
Fully padded
Walk-Trac outsole

The sides, the sole, the sock liner and the arch support are all heavily padded to make this walking shoe as comfortable as possible for longer periods. It has a 100% full grain leather material with a rubber sole. It has a unique grid cushioning unit with a Walk-Trac comfort outsole to provide the best grip and control possible. Being one of the best rater walking shoes it really keeps up with its competition for being the best walking shoe for women.

7. Skechers Walk Joy Women’s Shoe

Amazing Features we loved

  • Goga Max rebound insole
  • Synthetic sole
  • Breathable fabric

No elastic ankle support
Flexible design
No memory foam
Available in very exciting colors

This lean, sleek and open design is an ideal walking shoe for women with wide feet providing the best wide width side support and cushion to keep your ankle, arch and toes in the best position for walking. The 5Gen cushioning with the Goga Max high rebound insole and breathable upper fabric providing the best shoes for walking all day. Completely flexible with a slip on design for added comfort.

8. Ryka Women’s Plus Walking Shoe

Amazing Features we loved

  • Laced for better grip
  • Aesthetic color schemes
  • Padded ankle support

Synthetic comfortable sole
No memory foam
Mesh and synthetic upper
Fabric is not really breathable
Good arch support

Even down the list you can find one of the best walking shoes for women and for wide feet because this walking shoe by Ryka is a laced and synthetic fiber cushioned walking shoe. This shoe is ideal for wide width or flat feet providing the best synthetic overlays and sole making it ideal for overweight walkers. The color combinations are another reason that makes them one of the best looking women’s walking shoes. 

9. Vionic Women’s Walking Shoes

Amazing Features we loved

  • Motion system technology
  • APMA acceptance seal
  • Designed for gait efficiency
  • Good toe support

Advanced scientific methods
No memory foam
Elevated soul
Chunky design
Durable outdole
Heavily padded

If this was to be the most technologically advanced walking shoes for women, then it wouldn’t be wrong. It has a leather and suede upper with a 0.5” elevation from heel to toe making them one of the best walking shoes for women. Its motion system technology providing comfort and extra gait efficiency for them to be one of the best walking sneakers for women. Bringing science and style together for the best scientific comfort results. 

10. New Balance Laced Walking Shoe

Amazing Features we loved

  • Aesthetic leather design
  • Handy hook and look design
  • Excellent shock absorption

Premium cushioning
Is slightly less foldable
100% leather
Slightly priced higher
Durable and long lasting
Rubber sole

A well reputed shoe brand here gives a 100% leather shoe and no doubt that this pair is not comfortable. With a 577v1 hook and loop technology providing these walking shoes with premium cushioning durability. The all white color gives is a very premium outlook for a walking sneaker. Equipped with excellent shock absorption and heel support making them ideal as women’s walking shoes for long periods. Equipped with countless top notch features it is really a strong contender as being the best walking shoes for women with wide or flat feet. 

11. Orthofeet Women’s Walking Sneakers

Amazing Features we loved

  • Ergonomic insole
  • All around cushioning
  • Multiple layers
  • Anatomical insole

Air cushioning
Slightly expensive
Suited for flat feet
Not waterproof
Medicare certified
Customized padded fit

Last but certainly not the least in the list of the best wide width walking sneakers for women designed to provide the best comfort and a pain free walking experience be it for travel or for general walking all day. It has a lightweight ergonomic sole with air cushioning, orthotic insoles, anatomical arch support and multiple cushioning layers all inside the shoe providing a pain free walking experience for the entire body. With soft pliable upper and a wide toe area it clearly runs strong for being the best shoes for walking women with wide, flat and sensitive feet. 


We have very comprehensively and with detail providing an in-depth review and analysis of the most comfortable and the best walking shoes for women with wide feet available. These range from different price ranges and serve different purposes. The overall range of walking shoes provided may or may not be fully suited for every woman’s individual feet but would be a tradeoff for one aspect that is most needed. Nearly all the shoes are best for walking all day but there are a few differences, which makes some of them better for flat feet, or for providing high arches support or both. 

Mini Guide:

How to buying your walking shoes

Having established that there is no perfect walking shoe that fits for all but only a walking shoe that fits you perfectly. So whenever you buy one make sure that there is ample space around your toe area and ankle area for it to be comfortable. Since a walking shoe is to be soft and flexible, make sure it provides a full and comfortable gait movement, especially when to find the best walking shoes for wide feet these aspects should be kept it mind. 

Lastly, try not to overdo yourself with the features of the shoe and only go for the shoes that are best walking shoes for the type of activity you would want to perform. Also, these are not an alternative to running or hiking shoes so be aware of this fact as well. Finally, the above list hopefully will provide you with the best walking shoes for women with wide feet and stay reliable as an investment.

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